This is a general announcement for our site users: we are henceforth disabling user comments on news and events articles. The reasons are myriad:

  • We have required users to log-in to help prevent spam and inappropriate content. This contradicts the notion of anonymity. Why not allow anonymous comments? Allowing anonymous comments would add to already massive list of spam comments automatically filtered by our site. We have neither the patience nor the resources to manually sift through these in search of valid messages.
  • There are a ton of folks asking entirely valid questions in comments, some of which get overlooked. Instead, these messages would best routed to our web-based contact forms.
  • There are plenty of other online platforms specializing in discussions and conversations. This site will focus carrying the messages of recovery and hope to the addicts who still suffer, as well as providing a repository of information for those already in recovery.

In loving service,

Your web servants